Grading the big Premier League match: Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-1 last night – Player Ratings

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• Many Manchester United player showed impressive form.

• Chelsea ‘s tough save made many saves to help the team.

Grading the big Premier League match: Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-1 last night - Player Ratings

Manchester United player ratings (4-2-3-1)

Andre Onana – 6/10

Made one important save in the first half (Jackson’s shot). In the second half, he barely exerted any effort.

Diogo Dalot – 7.5/10

It makes the game more exciting. Doesn’t show errors easily

Victor Lindelof – 5/10

quite lax When the ยูฟ่าเบท team were tied 1-1, he appeared to be one step behind Palmer. No wonder he was substituted in the second half.

Harry Maguire – 8/10

Another game that does an excellent job. Especially in the second half, he read the game, intercepted the ball really well, the ball from his feet was accurate.

Luke Shaw – 8/10

In the first half, the left side added an attacking game and got a chance. and supported Carnacho while in the second half he was ordered to move to play as a center back. He was always in the right place at the right time. He made four clearances and blocked one shot.

Scott McTominay – 9/10

Participated in the offensive game a lot. Pressed well. Intercepted the ball many times when Chelsea were building the game. Plus he scored two goals alone – it was a game where he really showed off his great form.

Sofiyan Amrabat – 7.5/10

A missed pass in his own half nearly cost his team a goal in the first half. Fortunately, Mudrik hit the post, but that was his only mistake in the game. He did a great job defensively. Especially in the second half

Antoni – 7.5/10

Call a penalty for the team in the first half. He’s been attacked by his opponents many times. He is involved in the offensive game. He made a win-lose pass to give his friend a chance to score 2 times. This time he played with determination, determination to play and was diligent in chasing the ball.

Bruno Fernandes (Captain) – 7/10

Dedicated to connecting the game, but he’s not very good at taking penalties. Because it is not far from the visiting team’s goalkeeper.

Alejandro Carnacio – 9/10

Outstanding, flashing, playing with confidence. The first half was a mess for Gugureya. The second half caused embarrassment for Reece James who came to replace Gugureya. Most importantly, he was the one who turned the beautiful ball over to McTomine. Jersey, who added a header to score the winning goal

Rasmus Hoylund – 6/10

Still looking for his first Premier League goal. He almost scored a goal from the start of the game, but made a save on Robert Sanchez.

Chelsea Backup used

Sergio Reguilon (in place of Lindelof, 46th) – 7/10

The ball is long and accurate. It complements the attacking game very well.

Marcus Rashfford (in place of Hoylund 84) – no points

There is little time in the field.

Jonny Evans (replaces Garnacio, 90+2) – no points

There isn’t much time in the field.

player ratings (4-2-3-1)

Robert Sanchez – 8/10

Saved a total of 7 times in this match. Without him, the team would have conceded more goals. But his footwork is a real problem.

Axel Disasi – 5/10

Unable to tackle Or you can intercept the opponent’s ball in this game. Often he doesn’t play the ball very well.

Thiago Silva – 5/10

Even though he is very experienced, in many situations when he is under heavy pressure, he makes mistakes. And is another person who doesn’t play the ball well at all.

Levi Colville – 4/10

Tackling Anthony throughout the game, at times he defended well. But the second goal that the team lost He doesn’t defend well.

Mark Gugureya – 5/10

Was placed at right-back to deal with Carnacho. In the beginning, he couldn’t quite adapt to Carnacho’s rhythm, but when he got to the end of the first half, He began to catch the rhythm of the Argentinian winger, but at the start of the second half he was substituted by Reece James as Pochettino wanted more attacking action from his right-hand side.

Moises Caicedo – 5/10

It was a difficult game for him because the Manchester United midfielders worked really hard, pressing, chasing every Chelsea midfielder. Defensively, he was the player who made the most tackles on the field with 6 times.

Enzo Fernandez – 4/10

Stomped on Antoni causing the team to lose a penalty from the beginning of the game. At the end of the second half, he came up and almost scored the equalizing goal for the team.

Raheem Sterling (Captain) – 4/10

Tried to call a penalty for the team in the first half. But at that moment he fell!!! In the second half, he was unable to cause any embarrassment to the home defence.

Cole Palmer – 6/10

Drop down to help connect the game. In some parts of the game he lost the ball several times. But came to make amends by scoring a 1-1 draw for the team.

Mikailo Mudric – 5/10

Lack of sharpness in finishing But helped the team to score a 1-1 draw. He closed in the middle before stabbing for Palmer to dribble in and shoot.

Nicholas Jackson – 5/10

In the first half, he lost the ball when the team countered quickly. Which became the starting point for the team to concede the first goal. He missed a great chance to score in a 1-1 draw, his speed playing a role in the home defenders. But in the second half he was a bit quiet.

Backup used

Reece James (in place of Kugureya, 46th) – 4/10

Not long after coming on, he missed the ball in his own half. He had trouble dealing with Carnacho.

Armando Broya (replaces Mudrik 77) – 4/10

Little role, at the end of the second half they almost equalized 2-2 for the team, but the ball hit the post.