stop! Lose weight if you’re facing these 5 things that are at risk of obesity.

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At this time, the trend of weight loss is hot, everyone wants to have a good figure, especially girls who can wear beautiful clothes , small waist, slender legs that are attractive to look at. Plus, the social world is full of idols and weight loss reviews, causing the urge to look back at yourself. How obese Have to reduce it or not?

weight loss

If a normal person, when the reduction reaches a satisfactory point, has a good figure, good health, tight muscles, lean fat, they will probably stop and support the figure to remain the same. But there will be some people who focus on weight loss in the wrong place. Until he was stressed and didn’t know that he was at risk of getting skinny mania. Let’s check the list a bit. that it is ufabet today What is the right thing!

1. Unhappy

Excitement, Party, Holiday You don’t have these anymore. It only makes you unhappy. because he was just taking a serious step forward with his diet Rules such as do not eat after 1 pm, do not eat sugar With the exception of one dark chocolate snack, an almond snack, two workouts a day, these rules make you feel more stressed and hopeless. Remember, food is a part of life. not all of life If you like to eat something, eat it and live your life in a happy way.

2. Weight swing up and down is not stable.

It can be called a “yo-yo” sign. You may be using the wrong weight loss method until your body starts to lose its weight . Shows that the weight loss that you are doing is not suitable for your physical condition. come back and think Do you want to lose weight quickly and get fat quickly? or want to slim down slowly but getting thinner Find the right way and stop dieting the way you are now.

3. Anxious about the numbers on the scales

when waking up in the morning The first thing I thought was, “Am I getting fatter or not?” and ran to weigh in every morning. until like a best friend who meets every day using weight as a measure of happiness in life If on the day that I gain weight, I hardly want to eat anything. Instead of being happy with wearing this dress and looking beautiful, let your body be happy in its own way.

4. I think I’m fat all the time.

while others call you thin Are you too skinny? Instead, you see yourself in the mirror as being very fat. There is no part that is thin and unsatisfactory. The more you look in the mirror, the more stressed you become. don’t want to eat anything for fear of making him fatter Don’t let it reach that level. You should have a limit. Set goals for where you want yourself to go. When it arrives, it should be enough and keep exercising to fit, not having to overdo it every day. and choose to eat in proportions that are useful rather than useless So happy now

5. Every time after eating, I feel like vomiting.

no longer happy to eat because I have to sit and calculate how many calories this one can’t eat a lot. You can only eat one word. Do not eat this one, it’s a lot of activities that have been done and enjoyed with friends. It’s something you don’t want to do anymore. The hardest part is eating and feeling guilty. Want to vomit? This is already a very dangerous signal. You should seek immediate medical attention. Remember that the joy of life is living your own life. And that includes eating.