Late night meals should be eaten – what should not be eaten?

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During the late night time That many people need to work or someone who uses this time to relax, watch movies, ufabet, listen to music, read before bedtime, if suddenly they get hungry they will feel guilty about having to find something to eat. Even if late at night Should not be eaten But if really hungry What to eat that is good for your health and what not to eat?

Food supper to eat – Do not eat anything?

Late night meals that should be eaten

  • Warm almond milk

Almond milk contains the amino acid tritophen. And magnesium that makes you feel relaxed The choice is warm milk. It improves relaxation during and after drinking better than cold milk.

  • Baked nuts, natural flavor

Choose nuts that use a hot air baking process, not fried, and without added seasonings, such as salt and seasonings. Eat baked beans for protein. And good fats for the body It’s a good snack

  • Natural yoghurt

Natural flavored yogurt (only) provides the body with good microbes for the intestinal system, improving the health of the body. Reduces the risk of both constipation and diarrhea. Avoid yogurt other flavors. Besides natural flavor Because it may contain more sugar than you think.

  • banana

Bananas are fruits that contain the amino acid tritophen. There are complex starches that are better for the body than simple flours (such as white rice, white bread), and also contain dietary fibers that are good for the digestive system.

Late night meals that should not be eaten

  • Crispy potato chips

Crispy potato chips Good taste and easy to full But it has relatively high fat and salt (sodium) content.

  • Instant noodles

The lines of the instant noodles are white flour. Simple flour They are also high in fat and salt (sodium).

  • ice cream

Ice cream is a dessert with high sugar and fat content, and eating a lot at night can risk obesity.

  • alcohol

Many people choose to drink alcohol before bed. Because the effects of alcohol may make you feel drowsy. So it’s thought it might make you sleep better, but sleeping with alcohol doesn’t actually improve the quality of your sleep. It is also worse than normal sleep.

However, you should avoid staying up late on a regular basis. At the risk of frequent late night hunger and having to turn to late night food That may cause you to get more energy than your body needs. And make obesity easily In addition, if you eat too much late night. May also be at risk of GERD.