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Healthy Food

Healthy Food

In today’s world, there are consumers with diverse needs. And there is a selection of food that is beneficial for their own health. To meet the needs of the target group more clearly The food operator, marketing department, therefore calls these items overall. Healthy food

Healthy food, meaning good health, no chemicals, ufabet, less fat, less sugar, the government has approved the principles of formulating important health issues. And agreed to urgently expedite the issue of community health system In particular, it provides support for 4 major health issues: the community health system. Food and health Well-being of the elderly, well-being of children, youth and families.

Healthy food It is a food that must be safe, including the production of products, vegetables, animals, environment, consumers, farmers in order to build consumer confidence. It is biosecure. It is a measure of the farm standard system. Or farmers who have to practice In order to prevent the disease from spreading 

Eating foods that contain nutrients And good nutrition Will provide the energy balance that the body needs Avoid saturated fats, low sugar, helps to reduce the consumption of salty. And allows us to eat a variety of foods.

Perceive energy from nutrients (Calorie intake in each meal) Each nutrient has different energy, such as
– 2 gram of carbohydrates, 8 calories
– 1 gram of protein, 4 calories
– 1 gram of fat, 9 calories to