Good health can be created with 5 ways to do it and change your life.

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Good health

Good health everyone wants to have a lifestyle, but today there are many incentives, such as food. Social media addiction Rarely have time to exercise. All of these things are the root cause of our health deterioration. So I have an easy way to create good health that I want to tell you more about. Which if you girls can follow it, then you can assure you that your health will definitely improve

1. Food choices

I cannot deny that Food is one of the factors that are important for the body. To produce good or bad results Depending on choosing the right food Because the body will lead to development and repair in various parts should be reduced to foods that are high in calories, fried, ufabet, grilled – grilled, or foods with a lot of fat. Because if the body does not burn out, it will eventually become fat in the body. The best way is to eat all 5 food groups in the right amount. Choose a healthy diet.

2. Brain exercise

Brain exercise is another way to help promote good health. Try looking for brain training games such as crossword games, picture positioning games, game finding differences, Sudoku games, or Chinese chess games, etc. Should eat more fruits such as oranges, grapes, berries. Because these fruits contain antioxidants to help reduce the symptoms of forgetfulness or laughing can improve blood circulation. Because the body will release chemicals in the nervous system that make it relax This will result in good physical and mental health and the people around it will be happy as well.

3. Take a break from social media addiction.

Nowadays, no matter where you turn or what you do, you need to take pictures. Share information and not miss important events, which if used in the right amount will benefit us But if overused, in addition to being a social addict It may also cause tiredness of the eye muscles. Or dry eyes because of having to stare at the screen for a long time May cause blurred vision, blurred vision or nearsightedness. It is best to rest your eyes. And exercise our eyes as well, such as blinking eyes, rolling back and forth to prevent dry eyes. Or looking at a distant object It will help to relax the eyes down. And if socializing down some Will not have to stress from the news addiction Improved mental health.


Exercise in addition to good health Because the internal organs of the body will work effectively It also gives us immunity, far away from various diseases, and mental health as well. Should exercise at least 30 minutes a day after work. You can also try walking, exercising in a nearby park, or running aerobic exercise will all keep your body healthy. But if someone doesn’t really have time to exercise, household chores may also be helpful, such as gardening, sweeping the house, mopping the house, washing the car, it can be an exercise in them. It also makes the house clean and tidy as well.

5. Get enough rest

When completing various daily activities The best rest is sleep, because the body can fully repair and recover, get 8 hours of sleep and sleep at the same time. Because if you sleep too late The body can become fatigued. It also has negative effects such as aging, risk of various diseases, it is best to have enough rest. When I wake up to a new day The body will be refreshed and alert throughout the day. Physical health will be good as well.

You see, just a simple method can make you healthier. It may take a little effort. May feel a bit of a self-reliance at first. But I can assure you that Efforts are not zero, of course. Considered a profit!