9 things to know before buying a rental tank from traditional Chinese medicine

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It’s a hot trend that doesn’t stop. For nutritional supplements and vitamins that contain ingredients from famous Chinese herbs like “Tang Ren”, the prices are not cheap, but there are many people interested. Because of its amazing properties This makes many elderly people want to try eating it to improve their health . But what exactly is a “rental tank” ? What are its benefits and dangers that we should know before eating?

9 things to know before buying a rental tank from traditional Chinese medicine

What is a rental tank ?

Tang Chao is actually a Chinese medicine called Dong Chong Xia Cao. Or some people call it Tang Tang Ren, Tang Tang Parade, Worm Grass, Ren Tang Tang being worms + mushrooms, found in the high mountain ranges of Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan, Gansu, at heights of 10,000-12,000 feet from sea level. It is caused by caterpillars escaping the cold and hibernating under the snow. and was eaten by mushrooms until, in the end, it was a mushroom that had hollowed out from the worm like we saw.

Rented tank, not rental tank mushrooms.

Golden rental barrel mushrooms are mushrooms. There are no worm parts. Scientific name: Cordyceps militaris (Scientific name: Cordyceps sinensis) These two are different things. Be in the same family But different species Similar properties Similar important substances They differ in the effect of the medicine. (Rental tank has the effect of being a warm medicine; Tang Mushrooms are ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com food, medium potency, can be eaten as food, stewed in soups, stir-fried vegetables, or made as tea. In China, they have fresh ones sold at supermarkets, similar to shiitake mushrooms, which are both fresh and dried).

Rental tanks are controlled for sale.

China has announced that there will be supervision and control over the actual sale of rental tanks, which has 2 issues:

  • Control the sale of rental tanks as “Chinese medicine” and not food. If you want to eat them, you have to ask a doctor to pay for them. (not eliminated from being medicine but removed from food)
  • Strictly control production and sales. Because heavy metals were detected Arsenic contamination

Tank rental, high price

Rental tanks that grow naturally are very expensive, 700,000-1,000,000++ baht per kilo, depending on the grade. 1 gram is 700-1,000 baht. There are many grades. 1 gram grade has 3 types; 1 gram has 4 items; 1 gram has 5 pieces (priced at over 200-300 baht each). 1 gram 2 pieces are also available, 500 baht each.

The rental tank is Chinese medicine. In the category of nourishing Yang energy

Enters the kidney and lung meridians. It has the property of nourishing the yang energy of the kidneys and lungs. Stops blood, dissolves phlegm. It is used to treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Waist pain, knee pain, and lack of strength in the legs come from the low yang energy of the kidneys. (A person who is cold, afraid of the cold, cold limbs, frequent urination, urination in the middle of the night, clear urine, chronic waist pain, knee pain) Therefore, if sexual dysfunction occurs from other causes such as stress, congestion of breath and blood It won’t help. Or waist pain and knee pain from accidents, wrong posture, herniated discs. With this kind of pain, renting a tank doesn’t directly help.) 

and treat chronic cough Coughing up blood from pulmonary tuberculosis, from lung cancer, from a lack of Yang energy. Therefore, before eating the rental tank We must have a Chinese doctor check first to see if we have a low yang condition or not. Is it appropriate to eat a rented tank or not? It’s best by eating 3-9 grams in individual quantities (if you eat the extract, be careful about the amount. How much of the extract is equivalent to the actual drug? Eating too much is not appropriate.) 

If you come to see a Chinese doctor And the doctor said that weak kidneys doesn’t mean we have kidney disease. Different theories. But if we continue with the same behavior. that make the kidneys weak (drinking less water, eating salty foods, eating a lot of sodium, not getting enough rest, having chronic illnesses that are not well controlled High blood pressure, diabetes , high sugar, gout, chronically high uric acid) over a long period of time may affect kidney function. You are also at risk for kidney disease.

Weak kidneys, in traditional Chinese medicine, are characterized by poor memory, weak teeth and bones, hair loss, and premature graying of hair. Chronic waist pain and knee pain Mild tinnitus like a cicada In children, growth is slow. In teenagers, puberty is delayed. In adults, sex hormones run out quickly. Sexual dysfunction, infertility, frequent urination, rapid aging

As for the current research results of the rental tanks, there are many. In China, there is research on laboratory rats. Both research and people Such as the effect of strengthening the immune system; Anti-cancer ; Promoting kidney function This one can be found on a Chinese research website. There is a lot of meta analysis done in this area as well. But consult a doctor first.

In addition to rental tanks There are also many Chinese medicines that have similar properties.

There are many other Chinese medicines that have properties similar to Tang Ren. Nourishes the yang energy of the kidneys and lungs Chinese medicine has the same properties and is similar. There are many of them, and they are cheap, such as Tu Su Zi; Du Zhong (Dang Tong); Grandpa Guzhi; Walnut ; Hobo seeds or even a gecko

Rented tank has a warming effect.

If a person whose body is already hot If you eat it, it will get hotter. Especially in Thailand where the weather is already hot. or patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, traditional Chinese medicine says The body goes out hot. If you buy a rental tank and use it yourself. It will not be suitable for the body. A good way to take Chinese medicine is to take it as a recipe. Let the Chinese doctor examine the cat and check the tongue first to see what type of body we have. The doctor will prescribe medicine in a formula that is suitable for your body.

Is it true that rented tanks cause “kidney failure”? 

Tang Chao actually does not cause kidney failure. In Chinese medicine texts, it helps nourish the Yang energy of the kidneys. (But it’s not suitable for everyone. Must have a Chinese doctor check whether it is suitable or not. The medicine has a warming effect. The hotter the weather in Thailand. People with high blood pressure must be careful.) In China, there are research results in both experimental animals. and in patients it is found to help with kidney function. But it has been found that Affecting kidney function may be due to 

Improper quantity
Which is normally a capsule rental tank that is registered as medicine in China. The Chinese doctor at the hospital will prescribe the medicine. Can’t buy it myself The doctor must first evaluate whether it is suitable or not. And how much quantity to use? Use in kidney departments and cancer departments. If you go buy it yourself. Eating incorrectly, eating too much can be bad for the kidneys.

There may be dangers from residual contaminants.
Renting tanks is very expensive. Grows in the Tibetan mountains. Difficult to collect, hard to find and therefore high price. So there are people who sell rental tanks of powder that are weighed for sale. Then mix in heavy metals. to gain weight The price has been increased if the tank is rented individually. Preservation is a bit difficult. Moths and small insects grow easily. So someone took sulfur and sprayed it and coated it so that it could be stored for a long time and would not cause moth to occur. Eating rental tanks that are contaminated continuously for the long term Can affect the body It can affect kidney function.

Another case is because the rented tank is a mushroom. which will be able to absorb nutrients and minerals in the soil and in the water There may be contamination. Therefore, heavy metals and other substances may be found in the rental tank. Therefore, the source is very important. To make sure that the rental tank is a place to eat. Free from contaminants Must choose trustworthy

If it’s the hospital in China where Dr. Nan used to work (Liaoning Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine), capsule rental tanks are mostly used in the cancer department and kidney department. The brand that the hospital chooses to use is a rental tank for culture in the lab. By removing both mushroom spores and worms to breed This allows you to rent capsules at a much cheaper price than those that grow naturally. and free of contaminants (in China, patients with chronic diseases Can come to my own department every time. month to pay for medicine (Current medicine/Chinese medicine) can be obtained within the budget provided by the government. The cancer department also has a lot of patients come to pick up capsule rental tanks. (but you must have the doctor prescribe medicine) because it may not be suitable for every patient)

Not a 100% rental tank
Observed from many brands It may not be a 100% rented tank, but vitamins and other substances are added, sometimes eating too much. Buying to eat yourself Or sometimes the consumer is taking other medicines. may be affected Especially patients who already have kidney problems. Normally, kidney patients have to be even more careful. Especially about food It is recommended to consult the doctor who is taking care of us. The doctor will know the most about our symptoms. What stage of kidney disease do we have? How does the kidney work? What should you avoid? What should you eat?

Precautions you should know before consuming rental tanks

  • Rental tank has an anti-clotting effect on platelets. People who take blood thinners should not take them. Because it may be dangerous. And you should not stop taking blood thinners yourself.
  • Rented tanks also have the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering sugar if the patient buys them for their own use. May have low blood pressure, low sugar, dizziness, and heart palpitations.
  • in autoimmune patients Rented tanks may overstimulate the immune system. In some cases, it may trigger symptoms to worsen.