8 tips to stay away from emotional disorders

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How to avoid various emotional diseases Such as depression, bipolar disorder, or stressfulness can relate to us You have to start with vufabet  yourself like this.

1. Spend free time with others: Try to find things to do with others rather than being alone, such as inviting friends to eat. Let’s go to exercise, etc.

2. Find a mentor and an unbiased perspective: don’t keep problems alone. Try to vent to people who trust to listen. And ask for unbiased opinions from them. When faced with a problem or decision that has to make big decisions in life

3. Strengthen the mind: see how the problem will change. Not permanent

4. Do not expect too much of yourself: be able to set goals. But if not successful It should be thought that it is a process that leads to success. Do not expect extreme Because it could lead to self-blame

5. Get enough rest: Stop thinking about work or work on vacation. To fully rest the brain and body

6. Write an emotional journal: It’s like writing a diary. Ask yourself how you feel today. And pour out letters

7. Do not interfere with stimulants or intoxicants: when stressed. It should not be thought that alcohol, tobacco or addictive substances are the solution to the problem. Because those things will only increase the stress.

8. Consult the Mental Health Hotline: If you feel that your emotions are abnormal. You can obtain a preliminary consultation service at the mental health hotline 1323, free! 24 hours a day