8 symptoms that can occur after doing IF, side effects that you must be aware of before your health is damaged!

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IF weight loss , although it is a very popular weight loss method. It also has very good results, but it cannot be denied that this way of losing weight has limitations for some people as well. There are many groups of people who do not recommend losing weight by this method. Whether it’s children, teenagers, pregnant women, mothers who are breastfeeding. diabetics heart disease patients People who take blood pressure medication and people whose body has a metabolic disorder However, those who choose to lose weight by doing IF need to be aware of the side effects that occur as well. The side effects that often occur during IF are as follows ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com:

8 symptoms that can occur after doing IF, side effects that you must be aware of before your health is damaged!

1. Headache and vomiting
Doing IF will result in lower blood sugar levels. And as long as the blood sugar level is low, it can result in headaches. Dizziness, fainting, and nausea and vomiting. This symptom usually occurs in the early stages of IF. Headaches that occur during IF occur in the frontal lobes. The pain is not very severe.

2. Hormone imbalance
People who lose weight by doing IF, especially among women, are prone to hormonal imbalances in the body. which will result in irregular menstrual cycles And it also affects fertility. In addition, when hormones are not balanced, it will also result in insomnia. more stressful And there may be thyroid problems as well.

3. Low blood sugar levels
Everyone knows that doing IF results in blood sugar levels being too low. which is called this condition Low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia, which is why diabetics should not do IF because it can affect diabetes. but even so hypoglycemia It is also likely to occur in non-diabetic people as well.

4. The body is dehydrated.
During the first few days of IF, the body releases a large amount of water and salt through urination. This will cause the body to become dehydrated. It also results in the body having salt levels that are too low. Therefore, if anyone decides to do IF, it is recommended to drink plenty of water. To prevent dehydration during the IF

5. mood swings
Of course, when the body is on a diet. Will inevitably affect the mood. especially fasting for a long time The body will increase the level of the hormone cortisol. also known as hormone of stress thus causing emotional changes This results in irritability, anxiety, lack of concentration, and mood swings.

6. Lack of nutrients
Because doing IF causes the body to limit the amount of food eaten. And the body still had to starve for several hours. which dieting can cause the body to lack certain nutrients This is when the body does not get enough nutrients. It will cause complications to the body accordingly. Therefore, if wanting to do IF, the food program must be arranged appropriately. taking into account the nutrients that the body should receive in its entirety

7. Impaired gastrointestinal tract
Many people may not know before that doing IF has a negative effect on the digestive system. because the body has reduced eating habits as well as fasting cause constipation And other side effects can follow. However, dehydration caused by IF can also cause constipation. Including food that has changed It also has the potential to cause bloating and diarrhea as well.

8. Insomnia
Whenever the body has to limit the amount of food eaten. inevitably results in insomnia Restricting food intake and fasting will result in decreased sleep efficiency. which has found that insomnia that occurs Most of them are side effects from weight loss in the form of IF.

various side effects arising from the IF we mentioned above It may help anyone who is deciding to lose weight this way with a diet and hydration plan. Including a good rest This is to ensure that the side effects that may occur from doing IF do not cause too much harm to the body.