5 things to do for good health in 2021

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“ This year, I will be healthy. ” This is probably the goal that many people have set in 2021 because no disease is a great fortune. But to achieve that goal, just thinking alone is not enough. Must be accompanied by the correct method And do it continually as a habit For people with healthy goals this year ufabet Interpharma has good technique and 5 above to share it.

5 things to do for good health

1.  Say goodbye to indulgent behavior Did you know that many chronic diseases such as diabetes , heart pressure , are often caused by eating the food you want? Especially sweet foods is a bitter farewell, then turned to eating a more healthful. Avoid spicy food And drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the beginning of the easiest health.

2. Make time to exercise a little. In addition to food and eating. Exercise is equally important. Even if you are busy, you should exercise at least 2-3 times a week, in addition to helping your body stay hydrated. Exercise also helps prevent diseases that can be visited in the future as well.

3. Control your weight to be within the criteria. By choosing to eat foods that are low in calories High-protein foods Including foods rich in fiber, while eating foods such as starch, sugar and fat should be restricted in addition to food. Should exercise to build muscle Just recently, the weight threshold is gradually going down and return to normal eventually.

4. Get enough sleep. They should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. The best time to go to bed before 4 pm so that the body secretes substances that come out refreshed themselves fully. The end result is a refreshed body. Ready for heavy work efficiently

5. Annual health check a little. Even though the body is normal, everything But don’t trust Because some diseases may not show symptoms in the early stages, if not found, it is fortunate. But if I accidentally come across it, it can be treated promptly. It also helps us know how to take care of our body. In the event that it is found that excess fat and sugar, it can change the behavior immediately without waiting to get sick

Behavior modification in everyday life for good health is not too poverty. I just have the intention and have to do it regularly. Interpharma would like to encourage everyone to achieve the goals that have been set.