5 high-calorie breakfasts

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Breakfast is essential Especially people who are losing weight But have to choose a bit Because the food we eat on a regular basis Try to get to know the number of calories and almost wind up. Some of the calories are so high that they beg for life No wonder why I intend to lose weight I almost die. In the end, I still get fat as usual.


1. Patongo

Great breakfast that is easy to find and taste delicious, especially if you dip it with custard or condensed ufabet milk. I can tell, ten pieces are not enough, but Khun Ka. Just 1 small piece of Patongo provides energy up to 70 calories. Simple calculation. Eat 1 piece. Run for 10 minutes. If you eat 10 pieces, you have to run for 100 minutes.

2. Grilled Pork

I saw many girls who like to buy and eat in the morning. The more you eat when it’s hot, the more enjoyable, but you know, just 2 pairs of Kanom Krok provide 210 calories, and most of them have about 6-10 pairs in one box, which means you get 1,000 calories together. Really Do not ask about how to burn it all up. Try running for an hour in a row. Then you may not dare to eat Kanom Krok again.

3. Sticky Rice with Grilled Pork / Fried Pork

Classic forever With breakfast that no matter what era it is still popular It also has a delicious taste as well. Make you many women I can’t resist Ordered to eat 2-3 sticks at a time almost every morning, but I want you to know that 1 stick of grilled pork provides about 125 calories of energy, how many sticks will multiply. This does not include sticky rice again. Eat one full meal But burns for hours until the end Really tired instead.

4. Cereal bars

How much have been fooled already for women who think that cereal sticks It is a food that helps you lose weight successfully. Because of the amount of sugar that is mixed in There are so many that you will be shocked. It also contains a variety of sugars, such as crystalline fructose (fructose crystals), brown rice syrup (red rice syrup), one bar that provides 220 calories, so it’s called a clean food. Are you here?

5. Coffee and beverages

It is believed that almost everyone in the morning comes to work outside after carrying food. Will have to carry another drink, whether it is coffee, iced tea, green tea, cocoa and other blues, which ingredients are all invigorating. Where is sweetened condensed milk Where will the creamer Where to go, sugar and evaporated milk One glass is enough Energy at least 320 calories stored in the body every other day. Have you burned it out or not?