10 things you should know about migraines, the headaches that bother working people

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Migraines, headaches that often happen unexpectedly. Plus severe symptoms Not to work Impact on life And a lot of work. Today Goodlifeupdate would like to bring you 10 things to know about migraine, headache that invites everyone to leave it together.

1 mostly found in working people

Migraines are mostly found in working-age people aged 20-40 ufabet years.

2 women get more migraines than men

Women are twice as likely to get migraines than men. Because the cause of migraine is related to female hormones, the disease is found in women more than men. Especially for working women It is an age when the hormonal system is still fluctuating and causing migraine headaches.

3 was more violent than I thought

The World Health Organization ranks migraine as the number 1 most common disease in the world because when migraine occurs. Will make that person unable to carry out normal daily activities Even if there is a chronic Often May result in a loss of work Until he couldn’t do anything

4 can be inherited

Migraine is a disease that can be inherited. Therefore, it is not uncommon that if we have parents Or a family member has migraine We have a chance to be as well.

5 can treat migraine by behavior modification

In addition to taking the medicine Behavior adjustment And our way of life to suit It is also a way to help alleviate symptoms. And reduce the chance of getting migraines very well With enough sleep and rest Avoid certain foods that trigger migraines. Relieve stress Exercise regularly, etc.

6 Sniffing salts will not cure migraine headaches

When a headache occurs What we often think of at first is the inhalation of “salts”, but for migraine headaches. Smelling salts may not help you feel better. It may also make symptoms worsen as well. Because when we have a migraine headache Our senses are more sensitive to sensations when we hear salts or balm. In some patients, headaches are even more severe.

7 The best remedy is taking a pill and lying down. 

When you feel a migraine headache We should hurry to stop working. Stop staring at the computer Stop staring at the mobile phone Sitting or lying down Cut off various stimuli That may stimulate the feeling of headaches even more such as bright and loud sounds The vibrations of various scents to allow our body to rest still.

8 don’t wait for a lot of headaches And then take medicine

Many people believe that they should not take a lot of drugs because they are chemicals. It can be toxic to our body. Therefore, trying to resist, give up the headache, do not rush to take the medicine even though the headache feels more and more headaches that can not stand it, then gradually take the medicine, which often feels uncomfortable until doing nothing.

When we have a headache Should immediately take the medicine. For treatment as soon as possible If you leave it Instead of getting better, symptoms get worse.

9 Let those around you know you have this disease.

Knowledge and understanding of those around you is important. Because migraine is a disease that is not expressed externally. Did not have bruises External wounds to be noticed by the general public It is a matter of the “feeling” that is felt within the patient. Sometimes when symptoms relapse Therefore may cause those around you to not understand How severe the symptoms were Informing people around you to understand the symptoms And the severity of the disease is something that should be done. So that when symptoms occur People around will be able to take care of it properly. And felt empathy Why people need sick leave Or need to take a break, etc.

10 headaches should be noted

If you are hesitating I’m not sure if we are suffering from non-grain disease. The easiest way to observe is “Write down headaches” on a regular basis by writing down carefully how many headaches, what days, what time, how to treat them, and what days to eat and what to do in order to observe how much symptoms we have. How often is there In order to be able to consult a doctor correctly. And clearly find the cause of the symptoms.