Tell me how to wash the face of slave skin care that is correct, helps clear skin, unbelievably youthful face.

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Did you know that washing your face is wrong. It is a major cause of clogged skin acne and premature wrinkles. HELLO! So I would like to share  how to wash your face slave skin care. That will help maintain your youthful face and glowing skin. Ensure that if you follow this regularly. You’ll find that all good skin problems have improved dramatically.

Jenny Blackpink

Jenny Blackpink

Wash your face along the pores.

How to wash the slave skin care That’s right. Let’s start with the process of washing your face with Wash your face along the pores” that is because there are a lot of pores on our faces. Rinsing along those hair follicles will ensure that all impurities are removed from the face. If washing backwards along the hair follicles may cause dirt to clog up the hair follicles instead. And that will be the cause of many acne breakouts. So today we’re going to teach you to see the picture clearly. Which direction must be washed in order to be good one point at a time.

Forehead  : Start by washing the center of the forehead and gently rubbing it out to the sides.

Nose  : After that, massage it down to the nose area. to wash out in the downward direction

Chin  : The area around the lips and chin. Wash down the same as the nose.

Cheeks  : Finally, rub gently. Wash from the cheeks to the side.

Jenny Blackpink

Jenny Blackpink
Double Cleansing and other tricks that help keep your skin clear and youthful.

In addition to knowing how to wash the slave skin care That’s the first step. The next trick that will help the disciples have a clear smooth, bouncy face is Double Cleaning or cleaning twice.  And then followed by cleansing foam

If a person has oily skin It is recommended to use a water-based makeup remover. Drop onto a cotton pad and gently wipe. Along the pores all over the face until clean. or if a person has dry skin I recommend you to try cleansing. Balm or oil instead to maintain the moisture of the skin. The way to wash your face is to gently massage. along the hair follicles as well By the time that the product should be used to clean the face. It should not last longer than 30 seconds.

for washing water Medical experts recommend using warm water to wash your face for the first time to open your pores in preparation for cleaning. (Should not be hot or very warm. (This will cause the skin to lose moisture and become dry and tight after washing.) After using the cleansing foam, wash it with cold water to close the pores. This technique is very widespread among Korean actors and idols. Because it helps to tighten pores and make the skin look smooth.

Also, be careful to rub your face vigorously when washing your face. This will result in enlarged pores and sagging face. Can cause premature aging Who knows that they are washing their face the wrong way? You must urgently change your behavior!

Jenny Blackpink

Jenny Blackpink

Slave skin care reverse hair follicle line

The next step of How to wash the slave skin care the correct one is Slavery care to reverse the pore line. After we wash our face and clean along the pores. Until these cavities of facial hair are left without any residue. It’s time to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. At this stage the cream will be applied in reverse direction with the face wash to make the skin care products. Can nourish deep into the pores. It also helps to tighten the face not sagging as well.

Forehead  : Chase the skin care slave from the area above the eyebrows. chasing up to the root of my hair

Nose: The bridge of the nose should be applied backwards. As for the wing of the nose, apply it to the side.

Chin  : Apply skincare to the center of the chin. Apply back up to the side to the cheek area.

Cheeks  : Massage in circular motions from the bottom up. Helps to tighten the face without sagging

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber

Why apply the cream to the neck?

In addition to the face that needs nourishment, the neck is also an important part that should not be ignored. because when I get older The skin around the neck is sagging as well. Therefore, we must hurry to maintain it early. The correct method is to apply the cream from the chest to the under the chin. This will help keep the skin around the neck moist. anti aging including creating a firmness that does not sag well

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber

10 Steps to Maintaining K-Beauty Edition

before parting today If the beauty line knows How to wash the slave skin care that’s right We would like to add. The correct order of care slavery is also added as switching. Between product steps can reduce its effectiveness. Or sometimes it may even clog up and cause acne problems as ever.

This 10 step maintenance method originated from the Korean beauty industry. Where Korean women are known for taking care of their skin. Paying attention to every step of maintenance. Make their skincare routines very detailed and complex. It is therefore important for beauties to learn how to layer each product correctly for best results. by simple principle is in order from the lightest to the most intense.

The first step is to clean the makeup. And as suggested above, you can choose cleansing products according to your skin type. Whether it’s a water formula, a balm or an oil, after that, the second step is to clean again with cleansing foam. These two steps are known as Double Cleansing It’s a very popular trend and it’s best for your skin. because it can clean thoroughly The only caution is not to use a product that is too harsh for your face and that it feels dry and tight after cleansing. And don’t rub your face too hard.

The next step is to exfoliate the skin. You can choose the size of the scrub or the beads according to the sensitivity of the skin. This step doesn’t have to be done every night. But only do it 1-2 times a week. Otherwise your skin may be irritated. The reason why we have to exfoliate regularly is because our faces have more and more dead skin cells. If not eliminated, the skin care regimen will not be most effective. Including can cause clogged acne problems as well.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber

Complete the cleaning process Enter the skin preparation stage for nourishment in step 4, wipe your face with toner. By dropping the product onto a cotton pad before wiping it backwards along the pores. The toner will help balance the pH on your face. It is also the final face cleaning.

The next step is to nourish with essence or water to wake up. The skin Ready to nourish with concentrated extracts. If anyone is confused about the difference between toner and water. You can find more answers in this article.

After that, step 6 will use serum to restore specific skin problems. And on days that need the most nourishment. Step 7 is to apply a sheet mask packed with concentrated serum for an additional 15-20 minutes. Be careful not to leave the sheet mask until it dries out on your face. Because it will cause the skin to lose moisture.

Step 8 is to care for the skin around the eyes with eye cream. The correct way to apply eye cream is to use your ring finger or the applicator to gently massage. From the bottom of the eye to the corner of the eye And continue to massage the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the corner of the eye. Step 9 Replenish moisture as well. UFABET Moisturizer or heavy cream and if it is during the day Let’s end with step 10, which is to apply sunscreen.

However, it must be remarked largely. that there is no need to maintain every step of the day Choose to do the steps that are suitable for our facial skin to get the best results. Please just use the skincare in the following order. with these techniques I assure you that acne and wrinkles problems will definitely be far away from your face!