Share 7 simple tips. It makes the skin beautiful, smooth, clear, much stronger.

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Hai Girl~ Today we picked up good things. Let’s tell each other again.

If you pretend to ask who wants to own beautiful & strong skin, we are sure that everyone will be ready to raise their arms up without an appointment. because having a beautiful and healthy UFABET skin No need to put on a lot of makeup or apply a thick foundation. To cover up the flaws of the surface, sure enough. And we have to tell you right here that you girls. You can create beautiful skin work by yourself without having to pay for expensive facial care courses. Thousands and tens of thousands according to beauty clinics as well

because we have 7 simple tips. Help your skin be beautiful, smooth, clear, strong. Let’s share. Let’s try to follow. You can follow these tips every day. It also helps to restore, nourish, and protect the skin in its entirety.

1. Apply sunscreen every day. and choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Start with simple skin care tips. By myself, the first thing every sis girl has to follow is to apply sunscreen every day because sunlight and UV rays are known to be enemies. that aims to injure the skin to cause dullness uneven skin tone It also destroys collagen in the skin layer, causing the skin to lose its elasticity, sagging, and premature wrinkles appear to greet them faster. Like this, whether it’s a day out to face the sun outside the house. or even a chill day at home Must apply sunscreen every a day to protect the face from being damaged by the sun and UV rays. Then you should choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is the best.
2. Choose a remover / cleanser that is gentle on the skin.

Did you know that the basis of beautiful and healthy skin? Must start with clean, clear skin without residue. The process of cleaning the face is what girls. must pay special attention And the cool items that will help clean the skin thoroughly must be “makeup remover” and “cleanser” only. and in addition to having to choose products to clean the skin Effective in removing dirt and makeup stains, then you should choose a remover and cleanser that is gentle on the skin, because if you use a formula with too strong ingredients. May destroy the natural oils that protect the skin. Until the skin is dry and the skin is irritated enough.
3. Wash your face every time before going to bed.

Even though lifestyles in the Covid -19 era must wear a mask every time they leave the house or meet a lot of people But the hygienic mask is not an obstacle to the beauty of our women because many women still wear makeup to enhance their beauty to the fullest. Therefore, we would like to remind people who like to wear makeup that they must not forget. Wash your face every time before going to bed, because if you sleep even though that still has a full face of makeup It can cause makeup stains and dirt to stick to the pillow when you turn around. Plus, makeup and dirt may clog pores and cause inflammation. and become a problem with acne Therefore, make-up remover must be used to wipe the makeup off first. Followed by the use of cleansing to clean the skin thoroughly again.
4. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face.

Have you ever noticed that people whose skin is moist and juicy? It will look like a person with healthy skin than a person with dry skin or flaky skin. Like this, sis girls must be diligent to add moisture to the skin. By applying a moisturizer to nourish the skin every day, when the skin is hydrated, it will make the skin smooth, soft, radiant and the skin is stronger than before. Then the best time to apply the moisturizer to be the most effective, it is recommended to apply the moisturizer immediately after cleansing the skin, after washing your face and using a towel to lightly blot your face. I can give the moisturizer a riser. because the time when the skin is still damp The skin will absorb the moisturizer better. And to add moisture deeper than applying moisturizer when the skin is completely

Normally, people have a natural skin cell turnover cycle. to shed old skin cells that have deteriorated not to be clogged on the skin until dullness But for some people, the natural cycle of skin cell turnover can be slow. or not able to shed dead skin cells whether caused by increasing age Pollution that the skin has to face each day, or the intense sunlight / UV rays that attack the skin. Therefore, we would like to suggest some secrets that will help your skin to be clearer and stronger simply by exfoliating the skin regularly, sure enough. Just scrub your face 1-2 times a week as this will help to remove old skin cells that are. dead and out of the skin Ready to stimulate the creation of new skin cells that shine brighter and stronger.

6. Choose food to increase the power of beautiful skin from within.

In addition to having to pay attention and focus on external skin care. By cleaning the skin and applying skin care regularly. It should take care of your skin to be beautiful and strong from the inside. Choose food to increase the power of beautiful skin as well. You girls should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to add moisture to the skin without dryness. ready to help drive toxins and waste from the body Makes the skin more radiant You should also choose to eat foods that are suitable for your skin type and skin problems, for example, if you want to add collagen to your skin without sagging. Should eat foods rich in copper and lysine. Or people with acne problems should focus on eating foods rich in zinc and magnesium. To help deal with acne problems, etc.

7. Find time to relieve stress regularly.

Have you ever heard people say that “stress” is a silent threat that destroys your health??? We can assure you that stress is really scary because in addition to making you feel anxious, easily irritable, in a bad mood, or makes you sick and sickness you ask for. The stress also affects the health of the skin as well. The reason is because when it’s very stressful. The body will secrete more “cortisol”, better known as the “stress hormone”, resulting in oily skin easily and acne on the face. Acne and healthy skin must be better than before. Find time to relieve stress regularly. By doing activities that you like / reading / practicing yoga / exercising, etc., it will help to increase relaxation, comfort and reduce stress levels to be less.

Did you see that 7 facial skin care secrets that we picked up to tell each other today. It is a secret that girls Anyone can easily follow. Just pay attention to the cleanliness of the face. Choose products that are gentle on the skin. Apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the sun and UV rays. including modifying some behaviors in daily life such as diet and relaxation from stress If you can do as we suggest. It will help your skin to be beautiful, strong and healthy from the inside out for sure.