How to curl eyelashes for beginners Create professional looking lashes.

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Easy eyelash curling method that beginners can do Anyone who is having problems with eyelash curling Today we have a new way to curl your eyelashes along with the correct way to use an eyelash curler. I certify that it is absolutely beautiful, not losing to professionals.

          For young women who are new to makeup, in addition to worrying about eyebrows It is believed that many people do not dare to curl their eyelashes as they may have had a bad experience with eyelash curlers Either the clamp is too strong until the lashes lift the panel. Or sometimes hit with a eyelash curler and there is a clip on the eyelids Which may be caused by inefficiency and curling the eyelashes in the wrong way Today, gearbox dot com will teach. How to curl eyelashes for beginners Give your lashes a beautiful bounce like a professional to leave each other. Certification, practicing according to this, can definitely do.

What do beginners need to know how to curl eyelashes?

          For any girl who is a beginner to make up We will take a look at how to curl your eyelashes. What do I need to know?

Observe the length of my ufabet eyelashes To choose the right eyelash curler

          Start by observing the length of your eyelashes that they are more or less. In order to choose to buy an eyelash curler that is suitable for your own eyelashes. Because nowadays, there are many eyelash curlers produced for us to choose from. It also has a support design for people with short lashes to make it easier to curl their lashes.

Always choose a good quality eyelash curler.

          Women should choose to use a metal eyelash curler. Because most eyelash curlers that are made of rubber or plastic will not be able to pinch the lashes properly. It is also easily broken.

Always keep the eyelash curler clean.

          Because an eyelash curler is something that is used on sensitive eyes. If not clean, it can cause infection. Therefore need to regularly take care of the cleanliness very much It is recommended to wipe the rubber area with the eye remover every time after use. So that the eyelash curler is always ready to use

How is the eyelash curler done?

          I already know what you should know about eyelash perm. Now let’s take a look at how you should curl your lashes to be as beautiful as a professional person yourself.

          1.Before curling your eyelashes, use a hair dryer to blow the eyelash curler for about 20 seconds, then try using your fingers to touch it. This will help make your lashes curl. And stays longer

          2. Place the eyelash curler on your eyes. By aligning the position with the eyes and gently grasping it, should not press the hand weight too hard. Because it may be able to clamp the eyelids when curling the eyelashes

          3. Gently unfold the clamp. Place your lashes in the opening between the clamps and gently push them closer to the root of your lashes. But be careful not to be too close Because an eyelash curler may be able to clip your eyelids when curling your lashes.

          4. Start curling the lashes into 3 sections, starting at the base of the middle and tip lashes, holding each section for 3-5 seconds, but be careful not to pinch hard or hold too long. Because it may cause the lashes to break or fall off

          5. When the eyelashes are finished. Can brush mascara as you like Or anyone who wants curled lashes, can apply mascara both before and after curling lashes as well.

          However, if any young woman still does not see the picture Follow along, watch the video How to easily curl eyelashes along the way.