Curtain bangs hairstyle ideas, side slide bangs Get both the look of cotton and scratch

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When it comes to hair, the face goes with every look. Whether it’s cotton or scratching, it’s a curtain bangs bangs or side slide bangs ! Which side slide bangs have to say that it’s not hot, just in Asia only. But on the Saifo side, they are also popular with bangs like this too! That’s why it’s no surprise that curtain bangs are the perfect hairstyle for both scrunchies and scrunchies!

 For curtain bangs, the bangs are a gradient cut from the tail of the eyes or cheekbones down to the sides of the cheeks. By setting the bangs like this, they will focus on setting the middle part to show the layers of the bangs. It is also popular to set the bangs like this to have a curl at the end. or curling out to the side To add volume to see the layers of the bangs more clearly. Which the bangs set like this can really go with every look. This event will make up to dress up in a fuzzy style or to put on a clear make-up. Minimal dress in scratch style. It definitely goes with this bang!