Beautiful face. Welcome winter with 5 benefits from cold and ice.

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To write about is not a scene of Chandara, but the use of ice to rub on the face and body. is another good technique that are very ufabet beneficial to the skin Then go get some ice and prepare to be beautiful.

1. Help tighten pores. make your face not oily

ice cold when brought to touch on the face It will help tighten pores noticeably. and when the pores are smaller The oiliness on the face will decrease as well. Who has problems with large pores and oily face. Try wrapping a handkerchief with 1-2 small ice cubes and rub gently over your face.

2. Reduce puffy eyes and reduce inflammation of acne.

Many young women sleep late, do not sleep enough, cry a lot, the next morning their eyes immediately swell. It is recommended to wrap the ice in a thin cloth. Then compress down to the eye area. After that, apply concealer under the eyes again. Guarantee that your eyes will come back clear again.

3. Prevent wrinkles on the face

Another benefit of ice very interesting Is that it can help reduce wrinkles on the face. Because the cold will help stimulate blood circulation. and when the blood flows well various nutrients with blood cells will be sent to treat our skin better It’s all here this time. including collagen

4. Helps makeup last longer

As said in the beginning that ice Helps to tighten pores. then When you girls put on make-up, it will make your makeup last longer. Simple technique, just circle the ice on your face before applying makeup, it makes your makeup last all day. Definitely not greasy.

5. Reduce itchy rash

hot weather in Thailand It is very prone to rashes. A simple solution Grab a piece of ice, wrap it in a thin cloth, gently rub it, or hold it on the affected area. It will help reduce itching.