A collection of 7 tips to make your nails look beautiful. Say goodbye to the problem of dry paint stains.

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believe that there are girls Many people face many problems while doing their own nails. Many problems will arise, such as dirty paint, dry paint, and unattractive nails. Today we would like to pamper you ladies by sharing 7 nail polish tips that make it easy to apply nail polish at home. Let me tell you that the mess or dry paint will not happen anymore. What do you have to do? Let’s go read it.

1. Soak nails in ice to dry nails quickly.
After finishing the nails, the girls may need an hour. to wait for the nail paint to dry But did you know that there is a way to help the nail color dry faster without having to wait for hours at all, that is, soak your nails in cold water with ice? This will help set the nail polish to last longer. And helps the nail color dry very quickly ever.

2. Use oil spray.
For girls who don’t have Quick Dry Spray, use it like a shop. The oil spray can be used interchangeably. just spray oil By spraying about 1-2 inches away from the nail, wait about 3 minutes, then wash off the oil. This allows the nail color to dry quickly and last longer as if done at the salon as well.

3. Clean gel nails with foil
. Girls know that cleaning gel nails is very difficult to do. But there is also a way to make this easy, that is, pour the nail polish remover onto a cotton pad. then put it on the nail Then use another layer of foil. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before swiping away both the foil and cotton wool at the same time. Let me tell you that one swipe will be clean in the blink of an eye. Plus, you don’t have to rub your nails many times to damage the nail surface.

4. Rub the bottle to get rid of air bubbles.
This point I want girls to remember that shaking a bottle of nail polish May cause air bubbles when applying nail polish Therefore, it is recommended to rub the bottle back and forth instead. because it will help get rid of air bubbles

5. Prevent nail polish from drying out with Vaseline.
Nail polish often smudges on the brush until it clumps. It also smudges at the mouth of the bottle as well. This made it very difficult to open the bottle. But this problem can be solved by using Vaseline cotton buds. Then apply it around the neck of the bottle. This will help prevent the nail polish from drying out in that area.

6. Hot water makes it easy to open the lid
if girls can’t open the nail polish bottle cap. It is recommended to turn the bottle upside down in a glass of hot water, let it soak for about 3 minutes, then open it up again. Make sure it’s easy to open. However, while soaking the bottle of nail polish in hot water. Try not to let the hot water reach the bottle.

7. Open the lid that is tightly closed with rubber bands.
If you don’t want to risk soaking the bottle in hot water. Using a rubber band can also help open a tight lid. It’s as simple as tying a rubber band around the bottle cap and rotating the cap. It will open easily without much effort.

These little tips will help the girls’ nail polish. It’s not hard to do anymore. Especially in situations where the COVID -19 virus continues to spread. May cause many people to be insecure about going to the nail salon. Let’s take these tips to use together. believe that it will help the girls Can do nails as beautiful as doing it at the ยูฟ่าเบท shop.