8 behaviors that can cause acne breakouts I don’t want a broken face Must be avoided quickly

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clogged pimples

Have you ever wondered why your face is so full of clogged pimples that it makes your skin uneven, even though you always focus on skincare? Today we would like to bring you 8 behaviors that are sometimes wrong. May have been accidentally done Which of these behaviors are all contributing to acne blockages without knowing. What will be there? Let’s go ufabet and see.

1. Wash your unclean face before bedtime.
Every day, our facial skin is inevitably exposed to germs, dust, sunlight and make-up. Therefore, before going to bed every night, should cleanse your face thoroughly. Should pay attention to the correct washing of the face and make sure it is clean Otherwise it may clog pores. Until causing clogged acne as a result

2. Ignore the facial scrub
Usually the older The exfoliation of skin cells is even more effective. Until sometimes the old dead cells do not come off As a result, the facial skin looks dull and clogged pores. Therefore, facial scrub should be at least once a week to help old cells fall off. Ready for new cells to be replaced

3. Do not wash your face immediately after exercising.
Neglecting to wash your face after exercise Not only does it cause acne vulgaris but But also the accumulation of germs and bacteria Therefore, after exercising and taking a break, tired Should immediately wash your face or shower and clean your body.

4. Makeup brushes are not clean. Makeup
brushes that are used on a daily basis. How can girls be sure that they are clean? Which makeup brushes are a reservoir of bacteria that come into contact with the skin every day Therefore, it is wise to clean the brushes. Used to spread cosmetics So as not to cause clogged acne problems as

5. Touch the skin with hands often
Touching the face with a hand It is one of those behaviors that are very difficult to quit. Sometimes sitting and doing something fun. I realized it again, my hand was stroking my face. The human hand is a reservoir of many pathogens and bacteria. Because the hand goes through the grip of things Countless, ever If unable to stop this behavior Would inevitably cause acne to clog the surface

6.Clean the sheets repeatedly,
bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets. Is often a source of germs that women Often carelessly thinking that it is always clean. Because it is in the bedroom Therefore rarely used to clean up often But did you know that cleaning the sheets once in a while, in addition to emitting a musty smell? It also causes acne to clog the skin as well.

7. Do not clean the used phone.
Mobile phones that are used every day Touch the screen a day, do not know how many hundred times Would not be able to avoid various pathogens at all, so the use of mobile phones that do not always wipe clean. May cause clogged pimples on the skin surface. Because sometimes the phone touches the skin on the cheeks while talking on the phone.

8) face pollution every day
Pollution is an unavoidable problem. Especially living in a big city May have to face this problem very hard. Which pollution problems not only adversely affect the respiratory system But also cause damage to the skin as well And more importantly, it also causes clogged pimples and wrinkles as well.

When knowing the different behaviors That may cause clogged acne. Until it makes the skin uneven Believe that after this girls Will turn to focus and pay more attention to cleanliness Both washing your face. To clean the makeup brush Washing the sheets frequently Including wiping the mobile phone to get rid of germs Because all of these things can cause high acne clots.