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Let’s see 7 secrets of beautiful skin. Add aura to your skin. With changing some personal habits in daily life

Bright skin Not easy to take Because you may have to change some personal habits. And turn to take care of healthy skin properly with 7 beautiful skin tips Add aura to the skin from ufabet the inside out as follows. 

1. No smoking

There is a comparison between female twins. The left bank never smokes. The right person has been smoking since the age of 16, and her skin was dull and full of freckles. Because the substances in cigarettes directly affect the skin Including various diseases that follow

 2. Remove all makeup

Like our body, our skin needs rest and recovery. But the problem is that the skin is clogged with dirt, making it impossible to repair itself. One of the causes is from washing your face is not clean. Therefore should remove makeup completely And exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead cells

 3. Do not drink alcohol

A man eats a healthy diet without the need for alcohol. 7 months later his complexion looks brighter. Plus his memory is more accurate. 

4. Do not wash your hair too often 

Dermatologists confirm that We should not wash your hair too often. Because the oil on the scalp is also removed These oils will help keep your hair shiny, less rubbing and tangle free.

5. Drink enough water

 Anyone who can drink 1.8 liters of water a day per day within 1 month will directly affect the skin. Your skin will be smoother, moisturized, and acne lessened as the water will flush out toxins completely 

 6. Take vitamins  

Vitamins are essential to keep your skin healthy. Which are so many that sometimes you may need to consult a doctor to find out what vitamins your body needs. 

7. Don’t worry too much about your appearance

The woman in the photo used to control her appearance and appearance during her career as a bodybuilder. But after you release things Makes her face a happy smile Skin looks plump. 

Just like this, you will have beautiful skin. To show off to anyone Let’s try to practice together.