5 tips to solve the problem of greasy hair Say goodbye to dirty hair.

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Any girl who is having hair problems is easy. Or maybe it’s oily. Even though I just washed my hair for a few hours Makes my head flicker because my hair is so greasy that I feel annoyed Today we would like to share with you 5 secrets to solve the problem of greasy hair. I have tried to apply it to my own hair care.

5 tips to solve the problem of greasy hair Say goodbye to dirty hair.

1. Dry your hair every time after washing your hair.

Every time after washing your hair, girls should not let their hair dry by themselves. But it is recommended to dry your hair every time. This will help prevent the occurrence of mold. because of letting the hair get wet for a long time or wait for it to dry by itself It can cause mold easily. Which the hair dryer will cause the hair to be exposed to heat Therefore does not cause the accumulation of mold on the UFABET hair. However, when the hair of the girls Musty odor or mold on the scalp It will make your hair greasy and cause dandruff to follow.

2. Use paper to absorb oily hair during the day.

Of course during the day girls body may be sweating That includes oil on the scalp as well. So if anyone knows that their hair likes to be greasy during the day. or maybe someone who sweats easily It is advisable to carry oil blotting paper in the bag. To remove the scalp or hair that is oily during the day. or if there is no blotting paper You can use tissue paper to scrub first as well. Because tissue paper can reduce oiliness on the hair. But maybe not as good as blotting paper.

3. Spray dry shampoo on the point where the hair is easy.

Girls with oily hair problems are easy. There is often a problem in the smell of hair that is not okay. Even after washing my hair, it doesn’t make the smell go away. The solution to the problem of oily and musty hair. is an injection of dry shampoo In this way, it will help reduce oiliness on the hair. It also adds a nice scent to the hair of the girls as well.

4. Keep your hair in shape.

Keeping my hair in shape Either by tying up your hair, putting it in your hair, or braiding your hair, it will help prevent women from frequently messing with their hair because messing your hair will stimulate the roots of your hair to produce more oil. Of course, having oil produced is a good thing. But if too much oil is produced I will make it easy. And may cause dandruff problems followed by that.

5. Refrain from using all types of oil.

In case of girls I already have a problem with oily hair. It is recommended that you refrain from using all kinds of oils to nourish your hair. Because that will make the hair of the girls. It’s easier than ever. If you want to nourish your hair It is recommended to use the method of maintenance with hair conditioner instead is better.

For girls who are not confident with their own hair. because it’s easy or greasy Until sometimes it causes a smell that is not okay Try to use these tips to try and see. It is believed that it will help bring more confidence to girls.