5 reasons that cause premature aging. Know it and prevent it in time.

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For women , the problem of wrinkles is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Especially during inclement weather And there is a problem with the dust added. Even more causing concern about aging problems and problems about heavier skin. Today we will invite girls to know 5 causes that cause premature aging problems. So that everyone can prevent and turn to take care of their skin health more than ever. The causes of aging problems are as follows: UFABET

1. Hormones

As you know, hormones help in growth. and help the body to function normally But as our age increases It will result in some hormones decreased as well. especially the hormone estrogen which is a female hormone that helps in reproduction As the body ages, the body does not need to use this hormone. Therefore, the body decreases the production of this hormone. At the same time, if the production of hormones is reduced, it will result in various functions. in the body is also affected Not even in the part of the skin That causes the condition of premature aging that follows.

2.Free radicals

Free radicals can occur both internally and externally. in the part that arises from within caused by the metabolic process in the body which various metabolic processes can cause free radicals The free radicals that come from outside are caused by dust, smoke, sunlight and various pollutants. However, when the body has more free radicals. It will be captured with cells in the body. causing cells to deteriorate and die That therefore causes problems with premature aging.

3. Toxic substances

Toxins here include dust, smoke, PM2.5, sunlight, UVA, UVB, heavy metals, contaminants and cigarette smoke. All of which are the causes of premature aging problems. Toxins are also found in foods, such as preservatives in processed foods. All of which are the main causes that are frequently encountered in daily life. and can cause problems for aging

Inflammation of the body
Whenever the body is inflamed in different parts of the body, it will cause cells. In the body there is deterioration and injury. What will follow is The body is in a state of premature aging itself. In terms of alleviating or preventing the body from inflammation, it can be done by eating fruits and vegetables. and drink plenty of water including reducing the amount of food that is high in saturated fat and high in sugar

5. High blood sugar levels
When the body has high blood sugar It will result in problems with premature aging. Because sugar is involved in stimulating the body’s inflammation. However, if the amount of sugar is in the blood for a long time It will result in lower quality blood vessels. The blood vessels become brittle, crack, and harden, as well as lack flexibility. That makes the blood supply to the organs. not as good as it should be resulting in inflammation and causing problems with premature aging

When girls know the main causes that cause premature aging problems as mentioned above. After this, we will be able to find more ways to prevent these causes. This is to prevent the health of our bodies facing the problem of aging, sure enough.