5 kinds of water, the more you drink in the morning The more the more the fresher the more energy.

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 Juice Smoothie

1. Plain
Water is good for all aspects of health. It is a detoxing aid for toxins in the body. Make your skin glow Helps to excrete better In addition, the advantage of plain water is that it does not contain calories. Can say that how much you eat without getting fat Drinking plain water will help your metabolism to run as well.

2. Juice Smoothie
Another great aid to keep you refreshed and rejuvenated is a fruit shake, also known as a smoothie. The smoothies have advantages over juice only because they contain the fiber of the ufabet fruit. Another advantage of smoothies is Make our bodies get vitamins and fiber. Contains fiber, making it easier to excrete. It is also low in calories, but full of calories.

3. Guava juice
Guava juice that many people overlook, but the fact that guava juice is very useful. With vitamin C that helps in matters of the immune system During this time, the weather changes frequently in Thailand. Vitamin C is very necessary for your body. In addition, guava juice is a good match for breakfast. If eating guava juice without sugar I guarantee that it is quite useful.

4.Tomato juice
Tomato juice is a vegetable and fruit juice that we have heard of for a long time. Because it contributes to making the skin beautiful, radiant, brighter and whiter than before Tomato juice contains an antioxidant called lycopene. Reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, in tomato juice, it still contains vitamin C, not allergic to guava juice.

5. Soy milk without sugar.
If women do not want unnecessary sugar. It is recommended that you try soya milk without added sugar rather than skim milk or skim milk. Because in skim milk is much higher in sugar Importantly, soy milk is also high in protein and is suitable for Thai people who are allergic to cow’s milk as well.

Choosing to eat foods that are good and beneficial to the body is It’s important to keep you healthy. If choosing to eat only good things Our bodies will be healthy and in good shape. Weight not gaining At the same time, if you only think of deliciousness Indulge your mouth, it may make you fat as well.