5 items for blemishes, redness from acne

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Ever hear me now ? ” Acne is not over till your acne will disappear,” because most people will just focus on the treatment of acne , but do not know really. And the skin that used to have acne It also leaves evidence on the face, namely acne marks or hyperpigmentation, redness. Knowing this, we would like to recommend you how to remove acne scars to get rid of  ufabet acne problems properly. 

Before going to look at  how to remove acne marks, we should know the cause of acne marks. Better together What exactly is it caused by ?

Causes of acne scars that we care about

          The main cause of acne scarring is acne . Many still do not know that acne and acne are the same problem. In fact, the reason why many people ignore acne scars is “complacency” because most people focus on acne treatment until they forget to heal their acne scars. And this complacency is the source of  acne scars, so after the acne has disappeared, you have to hurry and act on acne scars immediately by asking for 5 items of acne-reducing cream that I can tell you that it must have !

1. Eucerin, the Pro ACNE the SOLUTION the AI MATT FLUID.

  • Cream texture

Eucerin is a yellow moisturizer. Concentrated, easy to spread, quickly absorbed into the skin Not sticky, not heavy, has a mild drug smell. But not very pungent, which is typical of the perfume-free cosmetic line Or various alcohol, just press 2 – 3 times and can be used all over the face Overall, the texture is good.

  • property

Eucerin acne cream is not only responsible for treating acne, it can also treat acne scars because A compound of the salicylic acid (Salicylic acid)that helps suppress acne, reduce acne by Lisa Collison Charles Bishop (Licochalcone A) whose salient features is to reduce hyperpigmentation, redness latest Eucerin. Has brought a new innovation like AI (Anti-inflammatory) that helps reduce inflammation of the skin as well. It can also control oil for up to 8 hours.

2. Mederma

  • Cream texture

Mederma is a clear white gel. Like a film that keeps on coating the surface Anyone who has ever used it will get a cool feeling. Not sticky.  But if it is good, it should be lightly applied. Otherwise, if applied too hard, your face will become flaky, as if you use it for a while, your face will become dry. So a simple solution By using it with moisturizer to add moisture.

  • property

Due to  the acne cream Mederma has changed the formula. It is the copyright of Germany. Cepalin has been invented as the main extract derived from onions to help fade hyperpigmentation and redness while joining forces with Allantoin, thus working more efficiently, reducing itching and helping to heal wounds.

3. 3M NexcareTM Acne

  • Acne pads

This version is new. Up to 40% thinner than previous models, can be used in the morning. Because it has been designed to be thinner than before To make it look harmonious when makeup The color of the pimple patch will begin to turn white after absorbing the pimple. Or use it for more than 12 hours, so we recommend that you use a new one for cleanliness.

  • property

For people with inflammatory acne, you should love this pimple absorbent pad. Because it can help acne collapse. From absorbing acne fluid under the skin And protect acne from dirt and bacteria so as not to provoke inflammation And most importantly, it helps the skin to return to normal faster.

4. Tomei of Anti-of Acne Cream at.

  • Cream texture

Brands are 2 formulas to choose from, there is TOMEI Clindai Gel and Tomei Anti-Acne Cream to the needs of girls, acne and acne at the same time, so let your skin, reduce acne formula Tomei anti -. Acne cream, which the cream will look white, thick, light, absorbed quickly, spread easily, not oily, smell cool. Can be applied over makeup No worries about stains

  • property

Tomei’s Anti-Acne Cream has the main hero, P. acnes, which helps reduce inflammation. Inhibit the growth of bacteria The Rong is Nopal Extract, a pure extract from the flower of the cactus. Reduce clogging of pores. And clear skin And what is indispensable is that the heroine like Sulforawhite reduces hyperpigmentation and redness.

5. the Pro Solution Translate ACNE the Cover Stick Tool & Correct.

  • Cream texture

We would like to recommend Eucerin, another one that is likely to be liked by women. It is easy to carry, easy to use, and has a creamy texture, especially suitable for Asian skin. Thus helping to adjust the skin to look smoother Can be used as a makeup base before applying makeup. With a pencil-like head Therefore can choose the desired point Like a neck sealer

  • property

Reduce and hide acne scars in a natural harmony. Without causing irritation Reduces inflammation of acne. And reduce one of the causes of acne Suitable for people with large pores. And easy to get acne It is developed especially for acne inflammation.

From the 5 acne scars cream items I have recommended above People who are suffering from acne and acne problems can read through the information so they can have the right treatment. But the importance of choosing a product is Must be suitable for your skin type, by a good acne cream. Must be examined by a medical professional From what we have proposed to reduce acne scars , when analyzing its value and properties, I recommend that women try Eucerin Pro ACNE SOLUTION AI MATT FLUID because it helps in acne and acne scars  with innovative AI ( Anti-inflammatory) helps reduce inflammation of the skin. And control oil for up to 8 hours