5 Foods You Should Avoid After Nose Surgery! Want to be beautiful, have to be patient

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Nowadays, society is open. Anyone can get plastic surgery . It depends on the  ufabet budget and satisfaction of each person. And one of the things that Thai people are very popular to do is rhinoplasty, of course, before doing it, we believe that many young people have to study the nose shape and customer reviews. Until perhaps forget that getting a beautiful nose is not only dependent on your doctor’s skill. Taking care of yourself after having a nose job is equally important. The nose is not beautiful. Is there a scar It depends on the latter step. Now let’s have a look. That there are types of food That we should not eat after the nose is done

1. Alcohol

Pin it and leave it. This prohibition is serious. Because if your body is drunk Mindfulness and self-control are diminished for some time. You may not be able to help yourself at all. If an accident tripped and fell Or something more serious Of course, the nose that was just made It would not be much worth seeing.

Pickled Mango

2. Fermented foods

Reasons for fermentation of fermented foods Because of this period Your nose is easily infected. We never know how clean the food we eat will be. Because you have to be patient first Papaya Salad, especially fermented fish, saw many young people really like it. Do not mind each other. When does a beautiful nose fit? After eating ten dishes, no one said it.

Food supplement

3. Vitamin E supplements, Ginkgo biloba leaves

This is really important, you should tell your doctor before doing it. That during earlier taking medicine Or what supplements are there Because some supplements It reacts with the body until it causes a lot of blood. A lot of blood loss It is very risky during surgery and after having done the nose, you should refrain from it for a long time before waiting for it to heal and then come back and eat

Crab legs

4. Some seafood

On food allergy Sometimes many people don’t notice or do a thorough examination. Some people are allergic to seafood, but they are unaware of it. Because the symptoms are not serious But if an allergic reaction comes during the nose job You can assure you that you have been carried to the hospital for sure. You can avoid it. For our safety

Papaya Salad with Crab

5. Spicy food

Rhinoplasty is also a type of surgery. May not sleep over like a major surgery But you should choose to eat food that tastes soft first. Think of it as a patient. Wait for it to recover. Gradually come and organize food that is quite tasty.