13 simple beauty secrets to be beautiful even if you have little time

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beauty secrets

Fashion trends come and go. Unlike the beauty that comes from within the nature of women. That will last forever But if you don’t take care of it No matter how much additional flavoring Can still see a little flaw anyway, so girls have to pay attention to every molecule from head to toe Think of a woman with beautiful makeup but her hair is disheveled and dry and split ends. This makes it less attractive, right? Okay, so that all the girls can look perfectly flawless and complete. Jarook.com has 13 little beauty tips for the girls to follow. Let me tell you that even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can easily get beautiful.

1. Camouflage the

          roots of the hair. I have already colored the hair. After a few months, the roots grow up to contrast with the beautiful hair color. Will make a new color, afraid of losing hair and wasting money. There is an easy solution to this problem, just try to make your hair look wavy. It will help camouflage the roots of your hair to make it look like a gradient rather than straightening it. Like that, you can see the difference in hair color too clearly

2. Easy shiny hair, no need to shop

           if you want to have beautiful, sleek hair like a presenter beside a ufabet shampoo bottle Then comb my hair before going to bed every night From base to tip With the end of the hair trying to hold it in the palm of your hand Will help me look weighty Not as stiff as a broom And will help the oil in the hair spread evenly Now, flick your hair or counter the wind, you don’t have to be afraid of getting tangled up.

3. Don’t be lazy to use hair conditioner.

         When applying conditioner, focus on the ends of the hair. Because this part will dry out more easily than the rest, then leave it with your fingers to gently massage the head with your fingers to help relax. Can relieve tension as well

4.Use tweezers to remove eyebrows.

          For shaped eyebrows There are no small hairs to bother, just use tweezers to pull it out. Might be a little hurt But if you pull it out along your pores, it will reduce the pain and it will be much easier to pull it out.

5. Be careful with thick eyebrows as Rama VIII Bridge.

         Use an eyebrow pencil to frame and emphasize the tail of the eyebrows enough. There is no need to drain the eyebrows until dark. That way will make your face look fierce and thick. May use a dust eyebrow pencil to help blend the head of the eyebrows faintly and fit the bridge of our nose.

6. Pamper your eyes

          Do you know that the area around the eyes is sensitive? Do not rub or rub vigorously as this will cause dark spots. And wrinkles easily The more when wiping the makeup, the more you have to be careful.

7. Use your ring finger first.

         If you want to nourish the skin with a moisturizer or apply concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes. Try to spread the ring finger Because there will be just the right amount of pressure Not too heavy or too light

8. Beware of acne invasion.

          During the day if you feel like touching your face Instead, use a tissue or clean cloth. Because our hands are full of germs and bacteria Which is the cause of acne

9. Concealer is not a foundation.

         How to hide dark spots, dark circles under the eyes, acne scars, use concealer instead of foundation. Because the foundation is used for all over the face But the concealer can be dotted with points

10. Do not squeeze, pick and scratch the bad

           acne. Because it will surely leave a shocking trace Plus more difficult to treat than acne. It is better to go to a dermatologist.

11. Leave makeup on first

         If there is a single (and pretty) party at night, you definitely have to put on full makeup, right? But it is recommended that you wear it before 4-6 hours so that the makeup will set and look naturally fit. Plus there is plenty of time to choose a shoe collection as well.

12.Smile when applying lipstick

          To make sure that the lipstick is completely applied and not dented Otherwise, it would be funny if the lips were red, but there was no edge around the mouth. Therefore, when applying lipstick in front of the mirror to give a bright smile, ready for a new day Build your self confidenceฃ

13. The skin of your hands is important.

         Our facial skin is well taken care of, but how can you forget your hand skin? Can’t let the skin of your hands dry out. Grab that, catch here Used all day hard Nourishes our hands By using the hand cream back to make the skin smooth and soft to the touch. Otherwise, when I was young, I knelt to propose. Pushed his hand to grind to him You know how embarrassed there

          Not difficult at all, right? If you can follow this I certify that you are absolutely beautiful women in every degree.