10 steps to take care of Korean girl’s face for beautiful, healthy skin with aura

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 Take care of your face like a Korean girl, 10 steps to be beautiful and juicy. If you can do this I certify that I have a beautiful face for sure

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When watching Korean dramas, many people might be wondering why those girls have beautiful skin. Is there any special secret? In fact, they take care of the skin in 3 simple steps, just like us, both cleansing the skin. Wipe the face with toner And finish with a face cream Just as the steps in between can be broken down by as many as 10 steps, so it’s no surprise that Korean women get this perfectly smooth skin.

1. Wash your face for the first time with a cleanser that contains oil.

          The first step starts from using a cleansing product that contains oil. Or if you don’t have it, you can use it as coconut oil instead. Because the oil will remove difficult makeup such as sunscreen, eyeliner or mascara easily, the method is to gently massage the cleansing oil onto the skin. It emphasizes the dryness part especially. Then rinse with clean water. Completed step 1

2. Wash your face for the second time with a water-based 

          cleanser because cleanliness is an important secret in Korean skin care that has it all. To make sure our skin is really clean, it needs to be cleaned again with a water-based

3. cleanser 1-2 times

          each, our skin cells are rotated every 28 days, when the old skin cells are off, the skin will be beautiful and clear again. But if the old skin cells do not fall out Would have to use exfoliation to help, which the Korean girls know this secret very well So they chose to use a gentle sugar, yogurt, or oatmeal scrub to scrub your skin 1-2 times a week and shouldn’t do more than this. Because the skin can be fragile and inflamed

4. Wipe the toner to balance the skin.

          Many people tend to ignore this step. I think that it is not important and my skin does not improve at all. In fact, wiping your face with toner is essential for all skin types. Because after washing your face Balance was lost No matter how good a nourishing cream is, your skin won’t be exposed. But if you wipe your face with toner already The condition of the skin will return to normal and be fully nourished for sure.

5. Mask for beautiful skin 2-3 times a week. Any

          day that you need a facial mask, you can start doing it after wiping the toner It can be a sheet, a cream, or a paint and peel. But be careful with sheet masks a little. Should mask for the amount of time he has set Do not leave it for a long time until it dries. Otherwise, the moisture on the skin may be absorbed back into the sheet mask.

6.Apply a deep nourishing essence

          In essence ingredients often contain a lot of nourishing vitamins. Plus, it absorbs easily into the skin, making it ideal for applying to the skin right now. Ensure that the skin is beautiful, clear, full to dominate.

7. Apply a juicy serum to another step.

          Just essence still does not make it beautiful, juicy enough. Need to apply serum for spot skin care again to get the perfect bang Anyone who has any problem that needs to take extra care of it can choose the desired formula serum such as a dark spot reducing serum. Serum reduces wrinkles, etc.

8.Apply eye ufabet cream

          Reasons for using specific eye creams Because this point is especially fragile. If you use a perfume-based face cream, it can be irritating, so go ahead and use an eye cream. I did not ask for allergy eyes bright with

9. Moyse riser to add moisture.

          How expensive a serum or essence will still not provide adequate moisture to the skin. It is better to use a face cream with a nourishing moisturizer, another step is better. For women with oily skin, it is adapted to a light cream formula that will help make the skin more beautiful.

10. Apply sunscreen to protect your face.

          A universal trick that people all over the world must know. Inevitably applying sunscreen to protect the skin. Because light and UV light can harm our skin every day. The more hot weather in Thailand, it is best to use a minimum SPF 30 PA +++ sunscreen.

          At this point, the girls must be discouraged as to why it is so difficult to have beautiful skin. But if we try to apply these steps strictly for 30 days, your better-looking skin may change your mind and want to turn to this kind of skin care.