8 easy ways to get clear, acne-free face, let’s do it now.

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How to make a clear face without acne Tips that will make you Have a white face.

Many people may be faced with acne problems. Whether it is acne vulgaris or inflammatory acne And even though acne May not be fatal But this problem can be troubling for many people because it is a psychological problem. Resulting in reducing self-confidence This article will introduce 8 ways to get a clear face without acneThat can be easily practiced and immediately used to try

1. Take care of your skin according to meticulous procedures.

Skin care steps Begin by cleaning your face with a cleanser to remove any makeup, makeup, and dirt out of the way. It is a more deep cleansing than normal cleansing. Followed by washing your face with a cleansing foam suitable for your skin type. Gentle Does not cause allergies And should not wash your face more than 2 times a day because it can cause dry skin. Irritate Can cause acne During the week May use products that exfoliate the skin. (exfoliation) or skin scrub (scrub) to get rid of the dead skin layer. Including various impurities that clog the pores


When finished washing your face Mop the face to dry. Then use a toner (tonner) to adjust the skin to be suitable. Helps restore the natural weak acidity, helping to prepare the skin for the next step. In addition, the toner removes any dirt that may remain. The next step is to maintain. Some people may choose to use a serum, which is a concentrated skin care agent. Followed by Moyse riser ( ufabet moisturizer) or cream to moisturize and last before makeup or makeup. Just do not forget to use sunscreen. Which is the reason why sunscreen should not be ignored I would like to say in the next section on how to make my face clear without acne.

2. Regularly apply sunscreen to protect the skin.

Sunlight and UV rays may not only make your skin look dull. But exposure to the sun for a long time. May cause skin inflammation The death of skin cells. It also stimulates the sebaceous glands. To produce more oil Which will cause existing acne problems More violent Always choose a sunscreen with an SPF and PA value that is suitable for your skin type. If you have very oily skin or acne-prone May use a sunscreen in a spray form. Or a reflex sunscreen (physical sunscreen), it will help reduce blockages and allergic reactions that may occur.

3. Switch to makeup that does not contain oil.

Avoiding oil-based cosmetics such as cocoa butter and mineral oil is another way to get acne-free for people with oily skin. Because of these components Will have a sticky consistency When mixed with natural oils on the skin. It will increase the chance of clogging in the pores. May switch to water-based cosmetics, which are available from cleansing foam, cleanser, moisturizer. Until the liquid foundation Or, you can choose a product that has been tested to not clog pores. (non-comedogenic) is fine.

4. Avoid squeezing pimples. And frequent contact with the surface

Squeezing the acne will make the tissues around the acne more inflamed. Cause irritation Stimulate the formation of new pimples. Also, the pimples under the skin may break. Causing pathogens to spread to neighboring pores Become an elephant pimple. Difficult to maintain And often leaves scars Frequent contact with the skin on the face can leave dirt on the fingers, including bacteria. Falling onto the surface. An infection And eventually become inflamed acne

5. Always clean your makeup tools.

Cleanliness of make-up accessories Whether they are sponges or different types of brushes is something that many people tend to ignore. And more than that Some people may share these devices with others. Causing the facial skin to get dirt and germs increasing exponentially Experts recommend that The brush and sponge should be cleaned. At least once a week With the use of mild soap and warm water. To remove the dirt And if possible The sponge should be changed every 3 months for good skin hygiene.

6. Always take care of the cleanliness of the hair.

Keeping your hair clean It is another way to make your face clear without acne. Because the oils that nourish the hair If there is too much quantity May flow down to the surface Can clog the pores Especially the skin around the hair trimmer and the forehead area If you have an oily scalp It should wash your hair frequently to remove excess oil. Avoid using products that are used on hair that contain oil. And try to keep me neat Do not let your hair come to the surface.

7. Reduce the food that may be the cause of acne.

Although chocolate is the representative food that causes acne. But the current academic evidence Found that there are certain types of food Foods with a high glycemic index, in particular, such as granulated sugar, white flour, confectioners, or sweetened beverages, acne problems are more serious than chocolate.

In addition, food made from milk. Including butter and cheese It has contributed to the cause of acne in some people. So if anyone is suffering from acne. And treatment with different methods can not work, it may try to adjust the eating behavior. Switched from white rice to brown rice Cut down on foods that are high in sugar. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. And reduce foods that contain dairy ingredients

8. Relax your mind and reduce stress.

Stress and anxiety This will cause the body to release the hormone cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone will stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands. To produce more oil In addition to cortisol The body also releases a number of other stressful substances that can trigger an inflammatory process in the skin. If you realize you are in stress and anxiety You might try meditation, exercising, doing yoga, or just going out. It may help reduce acne caused by stress.

The above method to make the face clear without acne is a simple way that can be applied to daily life. With an emphasis on keeping clean Skin care And eliminating factors that cause acne such as stress, diet, and behaviors like squeezing pimples I assure you that if you take these tips to try and do it for a short time, your face will definitely be white without acne.