20 ideas “Makeup Rhinestone” to increase the bang Get ready for a year’s party!

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Come on, let’s start! Hello all sis people~ Today we’re going to share makeup ideas to everyone. very excited Because the idea that we will bring to everyone in this article is the idea of rhinestone makeup ,   but we would like to explain first what is rhinestone makeup? 

Rhinestone  is a makeup in which we use crystals, gems or pearls to decorate our face, including lips, eyes to make it stand out even more. Most of the rhinestone makeup is suitable for different themed parties or photo shoots. It’s a great idea to put on makeup for New Year’s party with friends~ So let’s go. Let’s see how beautiful and magnificent it is, go go !

small crystal alternating with large tablets It is the outline of our eyes like this. Ensure that the light hits Outstanding until people look at the whole job for sure!

 It’s so beautiful, it’s sparkly, it’s a crystal instead of an eyeliner. add more bangs to our eyes

Any friends who like sweet pink tones, I assure you that you will surely like them. Make your eyes look pink. and decorated with scattered crystals as dots add ten full sweetness sisss

 Less but more! Add crystals to the upper and lower lashes. Suitable for friends who don’t want to be full of makeup, but soft like this is equally beautiful.

My eyes are stinging again, sis. Use a sharp eyeliner, followed by a crystal frame on the eyeliner. And attaching it to the lower lashes in a bunch is the most bang!

This idea does not focus on eye color. But focusing on spreading crystals on the corners of the eyes and the head of the eyes, looking smooth, but come out very beautiful

 increase our eyesight By attaching crystals in order from small beads to large beads at the corners of the eyes, away from the eyes and away from the eyebrows. Let me tell you that it’s very easy. Any girl who wants to follow can do it comfortably.

Who’s partying? Must definitely like the dark eye block. and put crystals under our eyes Let’s come down like a meteor Add sparkle to our eyes. Very popular.

pampering those who like pearls Anyone who is waiting for makeup that uses pearls must be this one. Make-up in pink tones and draw a line to stand out followed by pearls Sweet and crunchy

Less but more with this idea Use tiny pearls to trace the outline of the eyelid. until it reaches our eyes Let feel like we framed the eyeshadow.

The sweet type must go this way~ Swipe eyeliner in pink tones. 
and attach the crystals to line the eyelids in a long line along the eyeliner

 Pearls~ If you don’t want to put on crystals because you’re afraid to play with too much light! 
Changed to use pearls instead, it’s equally beautiful, everyone.

Another idea is to draw patterns and decorate them as you like first. 
and then take the crystal to trace the drawn pattern 
It will make it come out more beautiful and outstanding.

This idea is quite a relief from the past idea, which is to attach a gripper to the eyelids. 
with attached to the lower eyelash bouquet 
But just switch from the heavier crystal to the lighter grister.

 Let’s come. Any girls who like big, full style, I recommend this. So I guarantee that after doing it, it’s too great to resist. Light make-up, emphasizing on glittering crystals. 
Add a full play to our eyes.

 For those who like to dress up a fantasy look to a party. 
I think that this look, my friends can follow along with it, wearing blue-purple tones of the eyes, adding a line of star-shaped crystals, it’s even more beautiful!

 Soft, but beautiful, not soft at all. 
Put on crystals, focusing on the distance from the eyes as if we were slitting the eye line with crystals. 
Adds the cuteness to the eyes.

Look to wear for people who do not like makeup. 
But having to go to a party with friends, this idea is said to be light makeup, but what is the most eye-catching? 
Just attach three crystals. 
Brush your eyelashes a little more and you’ll be fine!!

 This idea gave Phil 
Put crystals around the eye shadow frame. 
increase the clarity 
So beautiful, not allergic to other looks~

 The last idea! 
Suitable for people who want to stick with both pearls and crystals, they can bring this idea to everyone.